I’m really not a Scrooge

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Christmas is one of my least favorite holidays. There, I admit it. While others this time of year are counting down the days to December 25 in anticipation, I’m counting the days until it’s all over with. (Eleven days from today, actually.)

Just to be clear, my feelings have nothing to do with the true meaning of the holiday. It’s watching the frenzied shoppers, listening to stressful whines of too little time left and watching tv ads that promote the latest and greatest whatever. I just don’t think Jesus is happy with how we approach this holy time.

For the past few years, I’ve slowly tried to withdraw from the whole season. The Christmas cards I’ve received from friends and family have been my primary decoration at home. This year, since I have a foster child in my home, I put up a full Christmas tree and decorated the house. I put a wreath on the front door (which, by the way, was stolen last week).  Following my parents’ example, I’ve bought only three presents for my FC, none of which is extravagant. I also set a conservative budget for gifts for family and friends. Most of my Christmas effort goes toward gifts for the less advantaged in our community.

Yet, still, I feel like it’s not enough. So, with less than two weeks until the big day, I’m going to be spending more time in prayer and meditation about what Christmas is and what it should look like in my life.

So, how would Jesus want you and me to honor His birth?


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PR professor and follower of Christ.
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