Deliberate Busyness

Wow! I’ve let another six months fly by with hardly a notice. It’s understandable, I suppose. The beginning of 2012 started of with the unexpected departure of the first foster child in my home. Two months later, two teen brothers were placed in my care. In addition, my mom had knee replacement surgery, with complications. Then I had minor surgery. Work kept me grounded.

So, I’ve been busy. While some of this busyness has been enjoyable, some has not (e.g., sitting with my mom in the hospital praying her kidneys would start working again). Everybody’s busy, so what’s the point?

The point is, I’ve let another half-year fly by without intentional, concious forethought. Just rolling along, going with the flow, reactive instead of proactive. Shouldn’t I be more deliberate about my life? Making decisions? Setting goals? Making plans? Or, should I just trust that God’s in control and let him steer me in the direction I should go? Where’s the balance?

How do you deal with the busyness of your life? Are you deliberate, or do you just roll along like me? Leave a comment and let’s learn from each other.


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Sheila Skipper Guzman is an experienced writer and editor with a background in writing for public relations and commercial projects.
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